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Case Study

The Huckins Site (48WE917)

Magnetic field gradient survey

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Magnetic gradiometer survey results

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Above: This image shows a small portion of the magnetic survey results from this extensive site. The magnetic survey revealed a number of discrete clusters of anomalies such as the one above.

The relatively high amplitude anomalies (appearing in color) are thought to be associated with Late Archaic hearths. In several cases, hearth features were exposed on the surface, providing immediate verification of the origins of anomalies.

A number of smaller, low-amplitude positive anomalies (appearing as black) can be seen in rough clusters. These may be caused by induced-field phenomena associated with features such as storage pits or postmolds.

Around the most northerly of the suspected hearths there appears a very faint oval about 8m in diameter. This may be caused by an architectural feature - perhaps a lodge or tent - which had a hearth in its center. Another less distinct 'ring' may appear around the suspected hearth at N25/E22

Electrical resistance survey was conducted over the 20-x-20m square outlined in yellow.

Processing Notes:

Because this site was magnetically very quiet, it was possible to detect very subtle anomalies thought to be of cultural origin. However, because the standard deviation was close to the noise level of the instrument (as little as 0.16nT) special processing was necessary to reduce the effect of instrument and operator induced errors, including despike filter in the x (down the transect) direction (to reduce the effects of instrument noise), and a periodic defect filter (to remove the effects of the operators step while walking the transect). Processing also included zero mean traverse, (sinX/X) interpolation and uniformly weighted lowpass filters.

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