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Case Study

The Huckins Site (48WE917)

Magnetic field gradient survey

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 Resistance / resitivity survey results with interpretations Data

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Above: Electrical resistance survey was tested over a small (20-x-20m)area within an area containing magnetic anomalies suspected to be caused by hearth, house, and pit features.

  • High-resistance anomalies outlined in yellow have spatial correlation with suspected hearths in the magnetic data.
  • A discrete low-resistance anomaly is circled in orange. This may be natural in origin, but is consistent with a pit or other feature containing organically enriched or fine-grained material.
  • A green line indicated a partial "ring" of faint anomalies. Although it is not well defined, it has spatial correlation with a suspected architectural feature in the magnetic data.
  • A similar partial ring indicated by a blue line. If these groups of anomalies represent architectural features, one would seem to be superimposed upon the other.
  • Linear anomalies that may be cultural in origin are indicated with red lines.
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