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The Eastview Site (41RB153)

A Precontact House Feature Detected by Non-Invasive Geophysical Methods

Eastview is a small Antelope Creek phase site located in the Canadian River valley of the Texas panhandle. The settlement was attacked and destroyed in A.D. 1350. The site was discovered in the spring of 2005 while conducting a pedestrian survey of the Lips Ranch, a large ranch along the Canadian River breaks owned by the Courson Family of Perryton, Texas. During the summer of 2007 a magnetic field gradient reconnaissance survey was conducted over 4500 square meters of the site. This initial survey identified anomalies thought to represent the buried archaeological remains of several burned houses and related features. These features were tested and confirmed by limited hand excavation. The northernmost of these house features was selected for further geophysical survey followed by large-scale block excavation.

During the summer of 2010 a very high-resolution electrical resistance investigation was conducted over this northern house feature. Data were collected over 900 square meters at a data sample density of 56 samples per square meter. This survey measured the resistivity response at multiple depths, with maximum depths of 33cm 50cm, and 71 cm using both twin-probe and square array electrode configurations. The investigation yielded detailed images depicting the plan of this house, features within the house, and associated features and structures in the vicinity of the house.

Block excavations were conducted at the house over the course of the 2010 - 2013 field seasons. These excavations have yielded a detailed plan map of this lightweight timber framed structure that was covered with grass thatch. The following graphics present the results of the geophysical investigation and provide a detailed comparison of the non-invasive data with excavation results from the site.

excavation plan map of the house (click image for larger version)


comparison of plan map with an electrical resistance data image

The green void in the resistance data image represents the location of a test unit that was excavated to confirm what we were seeing in the magnetic data was indeed a buried archaeological feature.


interactive map comparing geophysical results with excavation results

A current FLASH viewer is required for viewing

interactive map comparing geophysical results with excavation results (DETAILED VIEW)

More detailed information describing the excavation results from this house feature may be found in "Insights from the Eastview House: Antelope Creek Phase Residential Architecture", in Past Times, Volume 33, No. 7 (2013).

Information concerning the Courson Archaeological Research field research program may be found here.

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