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Case Study

Odessa Yates Site

Southern Plains Village Site, Oklahoma Panhandle

The Odessa-Yates site (34 BV 100) is a Plains Village Period (Odessa Phase) site in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Archaeo-Physics conducted three seasons of geophysical investigation as part of ongoing research by Scott D. Brosowske of the University of Oklahoma. At the end of the 2000 field season, 3.5 hectares of the site had been covered with both resistance and magnetic field gradient survey. Portions of the site were also investigated with ground penetrating radar.

Numerous geophysical anomalies thought to be house features and pits have been identified in the geophysical data. Extensive ground truthing by coring and excavation has shown a high correlation between geophysical anomalies and cultural features, results have served to further inform interpretation of survey data.

University of Oklahoma conducted field schools at Odessa-Yates in 1999 and 2000. Geophysical survey data allowed archaeologists to pinpoint features for excavation. Eliminating exploratory excavation maximized efficiency in achieving research goals and minimized impact to the site. Archaeo-Physics personnel also provided students at the field schools with instruction and hands on experience with geophysical techniques in archaeology.

See also: the University of Oklahoma Odessa Yates website

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