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The Pine Tree Mound Site (41HS15)

An interactive data exploration and analysis tool

Early in 2006 Archaeo-Physics, LLC was contracted by Prewitt and Associates, Inc. to conduct a geophysical investigation at the Pine Tree Mound Site (41HS15), a Caddoan archaeological site located in Harrison County, Texas.  Geophysical methods were used to evaluate two areas of the site that were slated for Phase 3 data recovery prior to portions of the site being destroyed by coal (lignite) mining operataions.  The objective of the investigation was to identify geophysical anomalies and anomalous patterning indicative of the presence of archaeological features, and/or landscape modifications associated with the Caddo occupation.

Multiple geophysical methods were employed during the investigation, including magnetic field gradient, electrical resistivity, and ground penetrating radar (GPR).  Geophysical fieldwork was conducted over the period of 10-14 February, 2006.  Part of the Pine Tree Mound site was subsequently excavated during the summer of 2006 by Prewitt and Associates, Inc. 

The data exploration tools presented below are intended as a means of simplifying the analysis and interpretation of these complex multivariate data, and to allow a detailed comparison between the geophysical data and excavation results. The data are presented at two different scales. Scroll down to view the larger scale interactive map.

A current Flash Player is needed to view these data. This free software may be downloaded here. Internet Explorer users may need to activate Active Content.

A standalone version of the interactive FLASH file, data images, and raw geophysical data may be downloaded by clicking here.

Southeastern Archaeologist viewers please note the article figure references at the bottom of the interactive graphic.

interactive data exploration tool (full view of geophysical imagery)


(view zoomed to the extent of the GPR imagery)


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