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Case Study

Mission San Marcos

San Marcos Pueblo, New Mexico

The images below show electrical resistance and magnetic field gradient data collected over the site of the historic mission at Pueblo San Marcos. Use the buttons to toggle between alternative data plots.

Mission San Marcos geophysical surveys - please wait while images load
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Resistance and magnetic data sets are shown with alternative processing and display parameters to enhance different aspects of cultural patterning. Subsurface architectural features are clearly visible in both data sets. Rather than being redundant, the two data sets complement one another. Because these two methods measure different physical properties, each method is able to define features that are not apparent in the other. Adobe walls appear as diffuse low-resistance rectilinear patterning in the resistance data. Stone foundations in the supporting walls appear as magnetic anomalies.

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Principal Investigator: David Hurst Thomas

Project sponsored by: The State of New Mexico and The American Museum of Natural History




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