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San Buenaventura Mission

GPR Survey Beneath an Asphalt Parking Lot in Ventura, California

A GPR investigation was conducted beneath the asphalt of an urban parking lot in Ventura, California. The parking area is located adjacent to the San Buenaventura Mission, an 18th century Spanish outpost in southern California. Previous archaeological test excavations confirmed the presence of 18th century archaeological resources at the site, and historical documentation suggests the possible presence of an additional 19th century component, including features associated with Ventura's "China Town" and the remains of a Victorian home.

Archaeo-Physics, LLC was contracted by the archaeological consulting firm Greenwood & Associates to perform the geophysical survey. The investigation was commissioned by the City of Ventura as part of a comprehensive cultural resources evaluation of the site.

An area of 3,700 square meters was surveyed using a pulseEKKO 1000 GPR system operating at a center frequency of 450 MHz. GPR traces were collected in a grid pattern at 0.05 x 0.50 meters, resulting in a data sample density of 40 traces per square meter. The investigation was conducted during March of 2007.

See also: ‘Digless’ archaeology - Mission researching its history, Santa Ynez Valley News.

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